NEWS from Alain Carion

December 26, 2004

Revised March 27, 2005



At the beginning of December 2004, Alain Carion went to south-western Egypt with a scientific expedition organized by Philippe Paillou from the "Observatoire Aquitain des Sciences de l'Univers" and Cairo University to explore a newly discovered field of impact craters.

This field had been discovered on satellite images and a first report had been published in April 2004. (available at:   This latest expedition was to broaden the field of research and Alain Carion's job was to look for meteorites. Of course. 

Here are some of the pictures he just sent to me and some of the comments I gleaned from a phone conversation.  There will be a lot more in the August issue of Meteorite Magazine.

The whole Expeditionary Corps (Alain Carion, bottom left):

The desert of south-west Egypt:

The best preserved crater in the whole field, discovered in Feb. 2004, 1200meters in diameter:

3 more craters, a small one up front, a larger one behind it and a third one almost covered by the sand on the left, and there are many more :

The ground-penetrating sonar "sees" a lot more:

The screen shows a small crater completely filled with sand:

Obvious impact breccia:

and enormous Shatter Cones (the scale is 10cm long): 

and another one:

Alain Carion: " On a personal level, the expedition was a fiasco, not one single meteorite, but the discoveries are extraordinary". 

Of course Alain will have much more to tell in an article in the August issue of Meteorite Magazine.

Anne Black